Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Mind Man" - the story of a modern day not-so-super hero

there's Mindman and his cape!
never ending pursuits of the mind in all its forms that eventually loop back into a dead end
there are many
they are all dead ends

he has not yet tasted of the Beyond
least not within his own awareness such that it is remembered in his consciousness
this is when one has a clean enough mind that he can taste an infinitely tiny micro-millisecond of that which itself is infinite--and any slice of the infinite is itself infinite--then something of it remains: a taste of Enlightenment.

One may have had a taste of "God," but not yet cleansed the mind enough to know God beyond a "big person."
so one without an abiding taste of the Non-dual will continue to attempt to make life better by improving first things outside themselves:
if only I change my career, make a more just society, right some wrongs...then life will be perfect.

it starts out with some people clearing land and growing crops
they form better tribes, tribes of tribes even
then better tools, better systems of governent
from collective tribe with its collective mind and ego-identity
to the first hierarchical tribe with its heroic leader
from horticulture to agriculture, and then on to industry
from kingdoms to empires to democracy and its attempt to right the world
they are all ideas, mere ideas
and, so, of the mind
they evolve, but never perfectly reflect Reality

even an intregal mindset is a collection of straight lines suggesting a curve
it's only when you let go of the mind that you can glide through life

but here's Mindman, with his cape
and he in particular being of the Orange clan must now be rational
so he attempts perfection in attitudes
assuming to "think positive"
now there's something to being positive, don't get me wrong, in that for many people it's the first notion of determining something internal...that's huge...and it hints of something beyond itself...
but he now attempts to fix life through his mind, as a better set of ideas, not actually yet facing what he denies
so Mindman finds a little yogic power in thinking positive
but this power eventually fails, like some tree climber he reaches a limb that can no longer hold him
he is attempting to do with the mind what can only occur in Reality
he used to think the world outside him was his reality
and this only led him to a dark night of the soul
then he made a leap to understanding the answer was within, "there's a sense of personal responsibility here!"
but neither is the mind Reality, so it can't be found there
so having striven to be possitive he's had to deny all Reality...
of life or himself...that didn't fit his idea of "positive."
this becomes too much a strain to increasingly hold a position--to be right about what's "positive" there has to be a "wrong," a "negative," and this being right in the face of evidence otherwise
proves too great a strain

and he falls, the tree climber, hitting every limb of his mental decision-tree all the way down...

then another dark night of the soul and in the giving up of his cape, he starts to see that his identity with his mind kept him from realizing his true nature, that Self realization is to see that Reality is the Self.

and from this Reality he can Be, and allow spontaneous movement and action through the mind and the body,
action that, paradoxically, and for the first time influences others outside of himself perfectly.