Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The world arises

The sages tell us that the world arises out of Mind. The ancient Hebrew scriptures (0ld Testament of the Bible)described it as the voice of God: God spoke and it was "created." In Christian scriptures (New Testament of the Bible) Christ is described as the logos--or thought--of God, and that all things were crested out of this Christ-logos.

And as it all arises around us we continue to see the Great chain of Being coming into existence, the historical Big Bang of the Universe that continues to unfold. What is known of the Bing Bang is that it came out of nothing, certainly no-thing, and "expanded" from there. But "expanded" isn't quit correct being as it starts out as nothing and how can nothing expand? But it did. And the "ether" of existence, not yet having coalesced into matter or light, could expand "faster" than the speed of light...because there was at that early "moment" no true form of time and space. There was not yet a rule against traveling faster than the speed of light because the fabric of existence was not settled into the rhythm and dance, the solidity and effervescence of our current fabric of reality. It was "thought" arising from "Mind."

And here we are wanting enlightenment, but we want it in according to our preferences. We want the world to be a better place not willing to acknowledge what is unfolding around us all the time. We look to humanity and can--in the news--find ugliness, not necessarily beauty. However, we may be missing quite a bit. Only Now is the world arising, time is a function only of the mind, not reality. And there is no separation, so I am the soldiers in both armies, I am the brutal antagonist--even killer--and I am the fearful, the slain.

Put another way, even the mishaps of humanity are an amazing eruption of Life, teaming and contending, unconsciously surveying and multiplying. And up to now in the pockets of history have been the enlightened, the sages, and even my uncle who began to "glow" just prior to death. Our very trouble with humanity's calamities, "man's inhumanity to man," is evidence of our awakening. If we are sickened by atrocities we must remember that we are seeing them in comparison to the illumination we are standing in ourselves. countless warlords and brutal individuals have pushed from the species' urge to survive that now, in our generation, we might "walk erect" and see above our survival instincts, self preservation, even greed.

We, you or I, may now be uniquely gifted to have compassion on humanity, on creation. But let us not thing there is "something wrong." Let us not create a problem in our minds. the Great Chain of Being goes from simple matter to brilliant forms like stars and planets, then the simplest of living plants. Much later single cell animals. And eons beyond, complex animals and the flowering of it all: humanity, the vast intelligent opportunity for consciousness to occur.

What we forget is that each human when born must start with the basic urges of survival. It is only when we are properly nurtured that we can develop intellectually, morally, socially, and if we're lucky: spiritually. And Cultures must also go through this process. It is a great gamble and apparently the Universe goes to all the trouble for what Buddhists call "this precious human birth."

But it's a risky venture. The more evolved a form of existence the more opportunity for expansion and also the more chances that something could go wrong. Clouds of dust and gas in space either coalesce and become stars, or they don't. But once matter has evolved to the simplest singe celled organism a host of things could go wrong: too much heat, too much cold, no sunlight or food, or some disorder of its complex internal structure. None of these possible pathologies exist for interstellar clouds of dust and gas. But as much as basic life is such a quantum leap in possibilities it likewise presents the chance that something could go wrong.

And as animals become more complex they develop organs like hearts and brains and kidneys and eyes and limbs--each of which are vulnerable to whole new sets of possible disorders. None of that existed for the colds of dust or the amebae. Now enter humanity, we now bring the greatest physiological complexity: the human brain. But well beyond that we bring with us all the social and psychological and even spiritual crisis of development along the way, each strewn with potential pitfalls. Schizophrenia and depression is basically unknown amongst other animals. And so it is likewise with our spiritual development--only this goes beyond the norms of society. The point is that humanity is flowering of the Universe and it is as risky that a soul will be aware as it is one of thousands of octopus larvae will reach maturity.

So many not realize this in themselves, what scriptures refer to as a seed within us "to become children of God." And being in the family is to have the same nature, the nature of God. So here we are watching humanity arise, some as desperate animals and some as Divinity itself. It is the world arising, ever fresh, constantly dying and rebirthing, all for the chance for creation to realize it's source, the Divine.

We become upset with what we see in the Universe, the world, due to our extremely limited point of view. In truth all is as it should be.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Energy Vampires" and "Leaches"

An interesting topic came up recently about some people who seem to take or consume without any apparent exchange. They may be quite self-centered, dominate any talking and/or be very "needy." And, when it's all done, we feel depleted rather than enhanced.

Historically, we have socially referred to some people as "lecherous" for a number of reasons. And there are also references to those who are "needy," "a lot of work," or even narcissistic. And, yes, if we're not fully aware, if we give too much without knowing what we're doing we will be left drained, if not outright "used" or even "victimized," when we deal with such people.

When we think about, talk about or encounter such people we need to keep a few things in mind to be healthy:
First, we have to understand that our feeling depleted around these egos involves us as well. To being with, simply labeling someone as a "drain" may be a first step to wake up to having boundaries with others when we encounter them. If we've not had healthy boundaries-too loose or too rigid-we need to start someplace. However, as we learn who we are we realize that perhaps we've felt drained as much because we give too much of ourselves, remain too open, without any discernment. So we begin to see that this relationship of 'being taken from' (and depleted) involved our unconscious over-giving. The lord guru Jesus said not to give your pearls to "swine," meaning we have a responsibility to discern when and where to give to others. While it may be our task to love others unconditionally, that does not mean we give up ourselves to others unconditionally.

Second, some people do indeed have a desperate and perhaps clinging or dominating way of being. This sets them up to never really get what they legitimately are in need of. From a place of compassion, this is tragic for them (as well as, perhaps, for us.) Something Eckhart Tolle points out is that what we are encountering in such people is ego, just ego. A false sense of self. And, most importantly, he points out that we must identify this "energetic" (my word) as ego and not confuse this behavior and energy with the true individual. As Eckhart puts it, "ego isn't wrong, it's just unconscious." (pg 42, A New Earth)

If we have someone in our lives that repeatedly leaves us perturbed, we may be feeling the energy necessary to "push back" with boundary setting. But our conditioned beliefs may be too simplistic. We might think we "should" give to them regardless as to whether it's wise. We may be set up to "be nice" at our own detriment. The feeling of "anger" may be our own healthy energy to set proper boundaries where they are lacking, but we've been conditioned that any such energy is bad and wrong. We may have "caretaking" tendencies where we are afraid to confront someone.

The ideal. Taking such responsibility to know ourselves may be challening at times, but this is how we enhance our relational immune system such that we can better afford to be in close proximity to others without being depleted ourselves. There will also be those times when we simply have to insist on some distance from certain people. But, as we grow in clarity and understanding we gain ability to love always, yet be discerning about to whom, and when we open and give ourselves to them. Then we truly live "Namaste," knowing that in each other, no matter how desperately narcissistic they may show up, is the Divine.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Mind Man" - the story of a modern day not-so-super hero

there's Mindman and his cape!
never ending pursuits of the mind in all its forms that eventually loop back into a dead end
there are many
they are all dead ends

he has not yet tasted of the Beyond
least not within his own awareness such that it is remembered in his consciousness
this is when one has a clean enough mind that he can taste an infinitely tiny micro-millisecond of that which itself is infinite--and any slice of the infinite is itself infinite--then something of it remains: a taste of Enlightenment.

One may have had a taste of "God," but not yet cleansed the mind enough to know God beyond a "big person."
so one without an abiding taste of the Non-dual will continue to attempt to make life better by improving first things outside themselves:
if only I change my career, make a more just society, right some wrongs...then life will be perfect.

it starts out with some people clearing land and growing crops
they form better tribes, tribes of tribes even
then better tools, better systems of governent
from collective tribe with its collective mind and ego-identity
to the first hierarchical tribe with its heroic leader
from horticulture to agriculture, and then on to industry
from kingdoms to empires to democracy and its attempt to right the world
they are all ideas, mere ideas
and, so, of the mind
they evolve, but never perfectly reflect Reality

even an intregal mindset is a collection of straight lines suggesting a curve
it's only when you let go of the mind that you can glide through life

but here's Mindman, with his cape
and he in particular being of the Orange clan must now be rational
so he attempts perfection in attitudes
assuming to "think positive"
now there's something to being positive, don't get me wrong, in that for many people it's the first notion of determining something internal...that's huge...and it hints of something beyond itself...
but he now attempts to fix life through his mind, as a better set of ideas, not actually yet facing what he denies
so Mindman finds a little yogic power in thinking positive
but this power eventually fails, like some tree climber he reaches a limb that can no longer hold him
he is attempting to do with the mind what can only occur in Reality
he used to think the world outside him was his reality
and this only led him to a dark night of the soul
then he made a leap to understanding the answer was within, "there's a sense of personal responsibility here!"
but neither is the mind Reality, so it can't be found there
so having striven to be possitive he's had to deny all Reality...
of life or himself...that didn't fit his idea of "positive."
this becomes too much a strain to increasingly hold a position--to be right about what's "positive" there has to be a "wrong," a "negative," and this being right in the face of evidence otherwise
proves too great a strain

and he falls, the tree climber, hitting every limb of his mental decision-tree all the way down...

then another dark night of the soul and in the giving up of his cape, he starts to see that his identity with his mind kept him from realizing his true nature, that Self realization is to see that Reality is the Self.

and from this Reality he can Be, and allow spontaneous movement and action through the mind and the body,
action that, paradoxically, and for the first time influences others outside of himself perfectly.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

This world is made of opposites...but not our true nature

This world is made of opposites...yet our true nature is from beyond all opposites
I came across a scripture, a quote of Nisargadatta, that touch on opposites that perhaps you'd like to consider:

A dialogue between the questioner and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj...

Q: I find that I am always restless, longing, hoping, seeking, finding, enjoying, abandoning, searching again. What is it that keeps me boiling?

M: You are really in search of yourself, without knowing it. You are love-longing for the love-worthy, the perfectly loveable. Due to ignorance you are looking for it in the world of opposites and contradictions. When you find it within, your search will be over.

Q: There will be always this sorrowful world to contend with.

M: Don't anticipate. You do not know. It is true that all manifestation is in the opposites. Pleasure and pain, good and bad, high and low, progress and regress, rest and strife--they all come and go together--and as long as there is a world, its contradictions will be there. There may also be periods of perfect harmony, of bliss and beauty, but only for a time. What is perfect, returns to the source of all perfection and the opposites play on.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pinhole of God

Better part of a lifetime
I've been separate,
a person apart,
always compared, wanting
to be the same as..
but not, same as...
I want to be different yet
fully accepted

Compelled from someplace within me
I'd face the fear of shame and
the fear of rejection
and the more I 'fit in' regardless
the more unique I became

And the more unique I'd become
the more alone I am
the more aloneness I accept
the less separation I perceive

When I surrender beyond the fear
of hell and damnation
I find there is only God
and we are each the pinholes...
the eyes and ears
and hearts peering into
and participating in Life

And here, all the time, I feared
I was 'not enough'
when always I Am No Thing
but a pin hole--an aperture
as well as That Light shining through
that floods the eye of God

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reality--Living with it, or struggling against it

Of course, we get stressed when we try to either change reality to fit us or attempt to get our way of being, our mode of comprehension, to "wrap around" reality

Sooner or later we either find a coping skill (a way to avoid) or we get upset (avoiding while still trying to force our will)...or, when we become more honest, we face our barrier, go through our crises, we breakdown our defenses and surrender to what is.  Damn, do we put up a fight!

All to find the freedom and simplicity of our true nature and that everything is, and always was, all right.

So, I hope each of us is able to take a break today rather than do what I was: getting caught up in and trying to solve all the problems rather than, in faith, allow them some room to solve themselves. They would if I just got out of the way.

A beautiful thing I read and found truthful--about how incredibly wonderful it is when our will and our hearts (vulnerably open) move together in harmony. That's when we go with the flow of reality as it is.

Relationships - 1

Relationships are both magical and problematic, the sweet nectar of the flower and the sting of the bee. There is indeed a draw, something toward union, in any relationship. However, when gender is involved there is an added attractant, an added hint of promise of too opposites coming together fulfilled. But what we may miss is a subtler work, the use of this attraction to cleanse and mature us, to free us from ego so that we might love, to free us from the human condition so that we might realize the Divine within us.
Intense committed relationships provide, from a Divine perspective, the opportunity for psycho-social and even spiritual maturity. The dynamics in a relationship are set up to push us toward greater health in terms of honesty and integrity, both to ourselves (inwardly) and to another (outwardly.) They teach us how to love—which includes self care and surrender, setting boundaries while also entering or being entered, mastering aloneness as well as togetherness, caring and empathizing while not necessarily agreeing. The very relationship that provides the most happiness will also provide the most pain—and the greatest opportunity for psycho-spiritual growth.

When we move close to another we may at first feel somewhat euphoric since there are two people that are so open to the possibility of the other—the promise of perfection—that they open so wide and soft, inviting the other. At this point they willingly and easily provide for each other many of the things they’ve longed for—tenderness, listening, greeting with a wide-eyed smile.

However, in time we find that there are flaws and setups that keep us from being as healthy to each other and/or to ourselves as we really need. Some people settle for what they get. They don’t want to risk anything. They have “something” and that’s better than “less or nothing.” Others are so afraid of some area of growth in their life that they’ll hold their love and commitment hostage. They make it clear that it’s too scary for them to face some conflict in their relationship. If their partner attempts to bring something up they become defensive or grow distant. A few of them threaten to leave. In most cases these are deeply convincing bluffs, no more. But those who threaten are careful to choose mates who can be intimidated, and the game goes on.

But then there are those—you—who want personal health and a dynamic relationship enough to face fears and bare pain for it. You love life and want the most out of it. You too may run and hide and avoid. But not for long, because since you love life the truth of it all catches up, and you, sooner or later, become honest, both within—to yourself, and outward—to your partner.

This level of honesty means being vulnerable in your truth; it means knowing when and with whom to trust your tender nakedness to another. It calls on shedding defenses and yet holding healthy boundaries. To open up and give, but not give too much. To receive, but not take. This is the level where one both develops one’s own self more in aloneness and surrenders open in love with the other, a balancing act…and more. To learn to be so alone when the other doesn’t provide for you right now what you need and long for, to directly face the pain of being deprived, is where we grow. That is aloneness. Jesus once said that each seed has to die to itself before it can grow. Each new seed for the next step has to first grow in the darkness of the fertile soil, alone in the dark. It can sometimes be so painful to live in deprivation, waiting for the other to dare open and unfold, yet—and even if you fail at times-- it is such a service in love.

We have to lose ourselves to find ourselves. And we have to risk losing our partners, let them go, so that they might freely choose to love and be with us.

more to come…

written by the Drunken Bumble Bee