Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reality--Living with it, or struggling against it

Of course, we get stressed when we try to either change reality to fit us or attempt to get our way of being, our mode of comprehension, to "wrap around" reality

Sooner or later we either find a coping skill (a way to avoid) or we get upset (avoiding while still trying to force our will)...or, when we become more honest, we face our barrier, go through our crises, we breakdown our defenses and surrender to what is.  Damn, do we put up a fight!

All to find the freedom and simplicity of our true nature and that everything is, and always was, all right.

So, I hope each of us is able to take a break today rather than do what I was: getting caught up in and trying to solve all the problems rather than, in faith, allow them some room to solve themselves. They would if I just got out of the way.

A beautiful thing I read and found truthful--about how incredibly wonderful it is when our will and our hearts (vulnerably open) move together in harmony. That's when we go with the flow of reality as it is.

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