Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pinhole of God

Better part of a lifetime
I've been separate,
a person apart,
always compared, wanting
to be the same as..
but not, same as...
I want to be different yet
fully accepted

Compelled from someplace within me
I'd face the fear of shame and
the fear of rejection
and the more I 'fit in' regardless
the more unique I became

And the more unique I'd become
the more alone I am
the more aloneness I accept
the less separation I perceive

When I surrender beyond the fear
of hell and damnation
I find there is only God
and we are each the pinholes...
the eyes and ears
and hearts peering into
and participating in Life

And here, all the time, I feared
I was 'not enough'
when always I Am No Thing
but a pin hole--an aperture
as well as That Light shining through
that floods the eye of God

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