Thursday, July 8, 2010

This world is made of opposites...but not our true nature

This world is made of opposites...yet our true nature is from beyond all opposites
I came across a scripture, a quote of Nisargadatta, that touch on opposites that perhaps you'd like to consider:

A dialogue between the questioner and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj...

Q: I find that I am always restless, longing, hoping, seeking, finding, enjoying, abandoning, searching again. What is it that keeps me boiling?

M: You are really in search of yourself, without knowing it. You are love-longing for the love-worthy, the perfectly loveable. Due to ignorance you are looking for it in the world of opposites and contradictions. When you find it within, your search will be over.

Q: There will be always this sorrowful world to contend with.

M: Don't anticipate. You do not know. It is true that all manifestation is in the opposites. Pleasure and pain, good and bad, high and low, progress and regress, rest and strife--they all come and go together--and as long as there is a world, its contradictions will be there. There may also be periods of perfect harmony, of bliss and beauty, but only for a time. What is perfect, returns to the source of all perfection and the opposites play on.

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